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Discover John Lindeman's Boom and Cashflow Predictionss

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  Discover areas predicted to boom

  Find suburbs with positive cashflow - from day one

  Learn the crucial difference between 'good yield' and 'bad yield'

  Know how to avoid the mistakes others make

  Know where prices and rents are likely to rise dramatically

  See why some suburbs boom while others go backwards

Get an insider’s grasp at this free event presented by John Lindeman, the housing market expert other experts rely on. 

John's easy to understand explanations of the dynamics and emerging opportunities are presented in an innovative and entertaining style.



Take advantage of emerging boom and positive cash flow suburbs , and avoid suburbs where values or rents are likely to fall, with leading-edge analysis techniques and insider insights provided by Australia’s Foremost Independent Property Market Analyst - John Lindeman!

"I can explain to you how the housing market works and how you can avoid the mistakes other investors make."

Discover how the housing market works, where and when to buy, which areas to avoid and when to sell.

John's past predictions on market direction for individual suburbs have been shown to be over 90% accurate.

John is the chief property consultant at Property Power Partners, one of the nation's most innovative housing marketing analysts. He is an avid writer on the subject of property in Australia and as well as writing two landmark bestselling books for property investors: Mastering the Australian Housing Market (2011) and Unlocking the Property Market (2015), both published by Wileys. He is also featured in  Your Investment Property magazine, Michael Yardney's Property Update and Alan Kohler's Eureka Report .

John Lindeman is the property market researcher that property experts go to for all their housing market insights.               

Here are some of John's published predictions:  

 Hay, NSW    Prices doubled in 7 months
 Berri, SA   Prices doubled in 1 year
 Byron Bay, NSW    Prices doubled in 3 years
 Weipa, QLD   House price rise of 50% in 2 years
 Highgate, WA   Unit price growth of 50% in 2 years

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